FOCUS VERSE:   Luke 22:25           In this world the kings and great men lord it over their people, yet they are called ‘friends of the people.’ But among you it will be different. Those who are the greatest among you should take the lowest rank, and the leader should be like a servant. (NLT)

BIBLE READING:  Luke 22:1-28

How have you been feeling for the past few days as we have been discussing the nature of Kings? Yesterday, we shared on how that Kings must show love and that it is a very important character required to establish their thrones. Kings ordained by God must not be wicked but they must love everyone regardless, especially their enemies. Today, we shall discuss another characteristic of Kings. I hope that this will be the final part of this series; however, everything depends on how we are led by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, I feel that we have exhausted a topic and then the Holy Spirit begins to give me several revelations on one single word in His word.

In today’s devotional, we find Jesus discussing with His disciples and telling them the difference between the Kings of this world and those who have been made Kings by God Himself. By the way, I hope you know that He has made us Kings and Priests according to His word and it is not that you begged for it or cried for it. It was just in His own interest and will to make you and I Kings and I think we ought to be grateful for it and that is why I know that the one who has made you and i Kings is the same one who will secure and establish our kingdoms in Jesus name.

Jesus told His disciples how that they are not supposed to behave like the earthly Kings who lord their positions over the people but they are to behave like Kings made by God who do not think of bossing people around but they are servant leaders. I love the word He used by saying that anyone who will be the greatest should take the lowest rank and be like a servant. I read this portion of the Bible many years ago and it has blessed me tremendously as I have seen how that we are supposed to humble ourselves before people and allow God Himself to announce us as great. This is why I do not like announcing myself wherever I go. Anytime I am opportune to travel around the world, I meet so many people who say that I do not usually say much about my achievements and I tell them that it is simply because I have not achieved anything neither have I even started at all. It is important to see ourselves as the people’s servants rather than bosses. I wonder at people who have not achieved anything and wherever they go, you see them making a lot of noise about themselves. I encourage you to become like a servant and see how that God will lift you up.

As one who is privileged to be the Senior Pastor of my church leading thousands of people, I still find it very easy going to church and picking up the broom to sweep whenever it is necessary because I see myself more as a servant leader. I encourage you today to become like a servant leader and let God lift you up. I pray that God will announce you Himself in Jesus name.

ACTION POINT: Start practicing servant leadership from today.


1.       I humble myself before the Lord and I am been lifted up by God in Jesus name.

2.       The anointing of God’s Spirit is at work in my life and I am therefore producing unusual results in Jesus name.

3.       God is using me to lead millions of people around the world and I am fulfilling purpose in Jesus name.

Author: Pastor Sam Oluwatoye

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